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The African Arts Trust
"The African Arts Trust will act as a catalyst for the emergence and growth of locally managed and sustainable contemporary visual art organisations in Africa"

The Gallery

The African Arts Trust Gallery is located in Nairobi Kenya. The principal purpose of the Gallery is to provide a space where artists and curators can engage the public in work that might not otherwise find a voice in commercial galleries. As a not for profit space it can be used for a more experimental and radical approach to the visual arts than might otherwise be the case.

While TAAT is anxious to engage a broad audience particularly those that might not normally visit galleries and museums, the galleries ultimate reason d’être is to provide an opportunity for artists and curators to have a space in which they can advance their careers in bold and adventurous ways.

It will programme 3/4 shows per year depending on demand.

In addition there will be one show a year drawing on works from the Sina Jina collection. A body of work collected by the TAAT founder over the last 20 years.

Gallery Address: Victoria Square, Riara Road, Nairobi, Kenya.

Images from the Sina Jina Collection


16th March - 11th May 2024: In the Beginning by Onyis Martin

June 2023: Curated by Roseline Olang' Odhiambo and Don Handa