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The African Arts Trust
"The African Arts Trust will act as a catalyst for the emergence and growth of locally managed and sustainable contemporary art organisations in Africa"

The African Arts Trust is a charitable trust set up by the collector and philanthropist, Robert Devereux, following the successful fundraising auction of his private collection of post-war British art at Sothebys, London in 2010.

Robert Devereux, the founder and funder of TAAT, is taking a six months sabbatical to try and walk the length of the African Rift Valley. The trust will therefore take this opportunity to review the last four years of grant making. We will not be able to receive any new grant applications from 1st September 2015 - 1st May 2016. However if you have enquiries or need advice during this period the administrator will be available please email

The trust is based on years of frequent travel to Africa and the recognition that there is a wealth of artistic talent there, which is stifled by the lack of resources available locally to full time artists.

If you would like to contribute to our grant making you can make a donation by clicking here.

The charity is run by the following trustees, Robert Devereux, Founder and Director, Hamish Dewar, Director of Hamish Dewar Conservation Ltd, Robin Woodhead, Chairman of Sotheby's International and administered by Danda Jaroljmek, Circle Art Agency, Nairobi.